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  • Amateur Straight Guys: Best Of Brandon
    Straight bait. Starring Brandon. Amateur Cumshot Masturbation Str8 Bait. A two disc special of all real, straight, hot guys! The very best of Brandon brings non-stop action from beginning to end! XXX. Amateur Straight Guys
    Diamond STR8 Men: Eduardo Mendez
    Straight bait. Starring Eduardo Mendez. Cumshot Euro Masturbation Muscles International Uncut Str8 Bait. Eduardo, the newest from the Diamond Str8 series is a nice addition to the studs at Diamond Pictures. Eduardo puts his amazing body on display and provides hot solo action. He lives up to all the standards and exceeds with steamy scene after steamy scene. XXX. Diamond Pictures
    Dudes Need Cash
    Straight bait. Starring Dominik Rider Tyrese Ryan Thompson Cody Mitchell Billy Dewitt Dustin Michaels Brendan Tyler Lai Mi Steven Richards Jack Spade. Amateur Anal Str8 Bait Safe Sex. When the rent and other bills are due at the end of the month, its easy to get desperate for some quick cash. These straight broke guys are willing to perform sexual acts with other guys in order to get paid. XXX. Edward James Productions

    Hungry Manholes
    Straight bait. Starring Dan Dani Karsin Knightly Rock Bottom Gabriel Erin Derek. Amateur Fetish Muscles Bareback Str8 Bait Extreme Penetration. Our main objective here at Satyr Films is to live up to your expectations of what a video fantasy should be. We are all tired of the same, boring porn. The thing that separates us from the rest is the INTENSITY that we get from our performers. We NEED the RAW and the EXTREME. Why? BECAUSE WE ARE MEN, AND THAT'S WHAT BEING A MAN IS ALL ABOUT! XXX. Satyr Films
    In Bed With Mike Roberts
    Straight bait. Starring Mike Roberts Pete Corbin Michaels Caleb Carter Leo Passos Poax Lenehan Andre Gaucho Felix Stulback Bira Vaz ...Less Amateur Muscles Anal Str8 Bait Safe Sex. Here is the story of Mike Roberts. I used to work for legendry Matt Sterling, and for a while I was in charge of finding models as the talent scout. I met this guy named Mike Roberts, an ex-Marine and we became very good friends. Before he started in porn films, he did his first video for me. Being a straight guy, I wanted to see what he was willing to do on camera, so I decided one weekend to go to my friend's house in Palm Springs, California and see what we could get out of him on film. This was actually when I first thought about starting Bang Bang Boys. I put an ad in the paper looking for models to work with Mike, and found two amateur guys to help me out - Corbin Michaels and Caleb Carter. I ended up shooting two videos and kept them to myself till about a month ago, when my friend Chris Ward at Raging Stallion looked at them and told me to edit and release them for you guys. So I did and I think you will enjoy Mike with his amazing physique and big, uncut cock. Yum! XXX. Raging Stallion Studios
    Just Gone Gay 8
    Straight bait. Starring Brandon Stone Ryan Starr Skyler Bleu Alessandro Del Toro Charlie Cherrybomb Hytch Cawke Derrick Paul Gabriel Dalessandro. Amateur Anal Uncut Str8 Bait Safe Sex. In the morning they were straight... but these studs soon get turned by our expert gay crew! We can take almost any straight guy and make him gay for a day! XXX. Top Dog Production
    Skippy Home From College
    Straight bait. Starring Skippy Prince. Amateur Blowjob Cumshot Latin Str8 Bait. Cobra sucks the piss out of Skippy the moment he returned from college. I'd say Skippy was happy to be back! XXX. LatinoGuys

    The Straight And The Curious 3
    Straight bait. Starring Kendall Klark Cadence Allen Dusty Stoneleigh Hugh Tanner Hayes Brent. Amateur Anal Str8 Bait. Don't you just love naked men playing with each other for the first time? There is a bit of uncertainty behind it, which makes things even more erotic. Jason Fox told us in his interview that he would consider doing something with another guy. He's pretty shy anyway, but has a huge fantasy about doing porn. He pointed out Levi and said, "I'd do a video with him for sure" Ok, so I wanted them to meet first on camera, so I put Levi in the shower and started chatting with Jason. He didn't realize that he would meet Levi just out of the shower, which really racked his nerve, but wait till you see what happened. It was so hot! Drew said in his interview that he had some fantasies, and I found out this time that he had never even kissed another guy. That made Tanner's cock jump to attention for sure. Drew just about busted a nut when Tanner started blowing him, and he could hardly wait to fuck Tanner's silky smooth tight ass. Levi was immediately hooked on Brent, and the two hit it off with each other right from the start. I only left them alone for a few minutes, and when I came back I found them wrestling around in the living room and starting to rip off each other's clothes. I grabbed my camera and started shooting! You're going to love it too! . XXX. Buzz West
    Straight Butt Bangers
    Straight bait. Starring Duke Michaels Giovanni Summers Myles Bentley Declain Wood Harry Scott Mark Edens Mateo Locatti Neo Ryan Ricky Jackson Grant Joshua Matt Hughes. Euro International Anal Str8 Bait Safe Sex. Out to get their cock sucked and find a hole to fuck, these straight lads don't care where they put their dicks, be it male or female. Finding local gay boys to service their big dicks, we're invited to see these straight studs in hard action, using these guys until they empty their aching balls. XXX. Straight Fuckers
    Straight For Dick
    Straight bait. Starring Trey Richards Mic Vargas Dietrich Cyrus Kurt Sullivan London Orion Cage Bandix Dillion Riggs Mason Hicks. Anal Str8 Bait Safe Sex. Have you been hanging out with hot straight men recently? Street Trade Videos "Straight For Dick" will give you some insight into their secret desires for your cock. Director Joe Serna brings us 4 hot scenes in a DVD that runs at 1 hour and 26 minutes. Pop it in and get ready for your cock to get hard. Kurt Sullivan is looking for some pussy and is a bit surprised when he finds Cage Bradix waiting for him alone. After Cage assures him that no one will come down there, Kurt relaxes and Cage gets things started by sucking his dick. Kurt takes to sucking Cage's dick like a true pro, making sure no part of it gets neglected. Cage has a huge cock but Kurt knows how to handle it, shoving it deep into his mouth and throat! It's time to fuck though and Kurt slowly pushes his hard cock into Cage's tight asshole. Cage strokes his cock hard while Kurt pounds away, shoving his cock in deep. Next it's Cage's turn to do the fucking, pushing his long cock into Kurt's ass. Cage blows a huge load all over Kurt's sweaty face, with Kurt returning the jizz bath by cumming all over Cage's eager face. New comer London Orion wants to know if Trey Richards has ever messed around with a guy before. Though Trey may be acting coy about the subject, his dick is screaming yes and begging to be fucked. Soon enough these two studs are naked, sucking each other's dicks. London eats Trey's asshole out, before he rubs his dick up and down Trey's crack, giving him a preview of the fucking that's about to happen. London slides his dick deep into Trey's ass, pounding it hard with every inch of his cock. His dick is long and powerful, giving Trey's asshole a solid fucking. Finally he pulls the beast out and cums all over Trey's pretty face XXX. Street Trade Studios

    Straight Guys First Massage: Happy Endings 8
    Straight bait. Starring Mario Diesel Curtis Hoffman Justin. Amateur Cumshot Masturbation Str8 Bait Massage. Diesel comes to us right off the farm. When I started the massage, Diesel said he couldn't believe how good it felt, but when I started working his 8 inch cock, he was in heaven! When Diesel lets loose of his 2 day load, you think that he won't stop Cumming! HUGE! Mario said he jerks off at least 5 times a day, but saved up for this one a day and a half. He just keeps squirting load after load of hot cum. It's a VERY happy ending for both of us! Curtis grabs the side of the table and brushes his hand against my zipper... over and over. Maybe he thought I wouldn't notice, maybe he just wanted to check to see if I was having a good time too? I work a finger into his virgin like ass, and he starts shooting load after load of hot cum all the way up his chest! Justin called me from the airport in Florida when he was waiting for his flight. He said he had a 6 day load and he was so horny. Why don't we film it and do a Massage video when I'm in San Diego? he says. When I start massaging his front, his dick just started growing all on its own. It was SO hot to watch it grow to rock hard without a single touch. It was throbbing in anticipation of what was coming. I give in to nice long strokes, edging him over and over. Then I slipped a couple of fingers in his ass, and he squirms with pleasure as he shoots a HUGE load over his shoulder and off the table with several more bursts of hot cum onto his chest. Warm cum oozes down my hand as I keep stroking. HOT! You won't believe how much these guys shoot! XXX. Buzz West
    Straight Guys Jerking 12
    Straight bait. Starring Gaston Jhonn Martin Augustin Martin David Kevin. Cumshot Masturbation Str8 Bait High Definition. The men have managed to ditch their girlfriends for the day to come to our studio! These hot studs get off on knowing that you like watching them strip down and jerk off so sit back and enjoy the show! XXX. Magnus Productions
    Straight Guys Take The Bait 3
    Straight bait. Starring Adam Ashton Cooper Leonard Drake Gold Nate. Interracial Anal Str8 Bait Safe Sex There's an old adage - straight guys are just gay guys who haven't seen a cock big enough to satisfy them. Okay, so maybe it's an old adage but it sure the fuck applies here! Male Spectrum has found four new pieces of sculpted straight bait who are persuaded to go gay and get their mouths and assholes penetrated by a pudgy pecker! A little assurance and a little lube is all that was required for the transformation from hetero to homo, turning these pussy pounders into champion cock chuggers. XXX. Male Spectrum

    Straight Guys Unleashed
    Straight bait. Starring David Jones Kai Cruz Justin Harris Jack Santana Dillon Brooks Fran K. Anal Str8 Bait Safe Sex British In Straight Guys Unleashed, the hottest straight guys get unleashed on our horny gay guys. Kelvin fucks Kai tied down in handcuffs, Jack fucks Fran in footie kit and Adam watches Justin play with his dildo! XXX. FreshSX
    Stroke It Straight Boy 4
    Straight bait. Starring Nate Foxx. Amateur Cumshot Masturbation Str8 Bait. More from Sebastians Studios, hot straight amateur guys stroking it! XXX. Sebastian's Studios
    Thug Home Invasion
    Straight bait. Starring Kamrun Kelly Jake Cruz Jay Cash Jack Sean Billy Marc. Black Interracial Anal Str8 Bait Thug Safe Sex High Definition. You're going to suck my big fat dick asshole!!! That's right lick my balls!!! There's no victim in this crime! I'm going to steal your virgin ass!! Scared what im going to do to you? Damn, your ass is tight !!! Does this hurt bitch!!! XXX. Combat Zone
    More Straight bait...

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  • Active Duty Barebackin' Heroes
    Straight bait. Starring Kye Edan, Jet Stevens, Joe Ciprini, Derek Livingston, Matt Moyer, Alex Cortez, Joshua Price, Brent Lancaster, Jet Slatter Jet's a nineteen year old Southern boy serving our country who hooks up with Navy boy Kye. Marine Derek gets home after a hard day on base, and while taking a hot shower unwinding, Matt joins him to help relieve his stress. Joe is one horny eighteen year old PFC whose ultimate fantasy is to do porn. These two Navy shipmates are getting ready to go out on the town, but Brent needs some help with his dress blues. Alex Cortez is anxious to show how much a good Marine likes to bottom, so we've hooked him up with Jett, a tall military stud who was looking to fuck a guy for the first time. San Diego Boy Productions
    Open Ranks 2
    Straight bait. Starring Bryce, Luke, Joe, Cole. "Bareback Invasion brings together four hot guys, Cole, Bryce, Luke and Joe for two hot scenes of unbridled bareback fucking Active Duty style. The scene between Cole and Bryce is Bryce's first time with another guy as Cole warms him up to some raw mansex. It's amazing to watch Bryce take the challenge on full force and allow Cole to invade his virgin ass with his huge cock bareback and in what must have been at least six different positions. Talk about a fucking trooper. This young cutie is determined to make his debut performance a lasting one. Cole, Joe and Luke make up the other scene in this hot adventure as the two of them take on King Cole for their first time. Luke is determined to fit Cole's massive cock in his ass if it's the last thing he does and Joe is more willing than any I've seen lately to tackle the huge piece of manmeat and take it all up his hungry ass. Talk about hot, raw, untamed sex between a group of sexy studs and you're talking about Open Ranks 2: Bareback Invasion!" -Dink Active Duty
    Straight Guys For Gay Eyes: Criss Strokes
    Straight bait. Starring Criss Strokes. Criss Strokes has one of the most gorgeously chiseled physiques I've seen in a while. Best of all, he has a long, perfectly curved cock ten inches we measured! And even thought it's huge, it's hard as a rock. Luscious can barely fit it in her mouth as good as he is with his tongue when they 69, she can't wait long to see what else Criss can do with it and he's happy to show her. He pumps her with that monster dick until he blows all over his tight abs. Straight Guys for Gay Eyes

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