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  • Alpha Males At Play
    Hidden camera Fetish Voyeur Muscles Hidden Camera Str8 Bait. Naked Marine boys vie for the title of "most sexually active"; Navy baseball teammates videotaped through the sunroof. XXX. Angry Young Man
    Arrested Voyeur
    Hidden camera. Fetish Voyeur Muscles Anal Hidden Camera Safe Sex Description: This film is the ultimate gay erotic fantasy as these "cop daddies" arrest these guys and have hardcore sex with them! What will you do to get out of being arrested? Enjoy, hot cop daddy action! XXX. All Worlds Video
    Bustin' A Thug 2
    Hidden camera. Starring Enrique Vinnie. Amateur Blowjob Cumshot Big Dick Interracial Thug. A Day at Vinnie's: Enrique lives close by and stops in a couple times a week to get his dick sucked, I don't mind. This 10 min. 'hidden-camera style' BJ is Hot! This is really how it happens: Thugs need to bust a nut, they cum to Vinnie's, drop their pant's, Get Off and Get Out...Cut and Dry. Another Day at Vinnie's: This is another 10 minute "hidden-camera style" Blow Job for Enrique...this Thug loves to get his cock sucked and tells me I give the Best BJ he's ever had! You 1st, then Me: Enrique has been waiting a few weeks for me to suck his cock. I've had a house full of Thugs for the holidays and every time he showed up with a hard dick I couldn't help him out! I set Enrique up in the circle chair and position my camera...I tease and lick his cock the way he likes it and when he can't stand it any more Enrique busts a huge nut on my face. Now it's Vinnies turn! I'm teaching Enrique how to suck my cock, he's a quick study and in 5 minutes he has me bustin! I love Str8 Thugs! Up Close and Personal: Tonight Enrique wants me to play with his Ass! When I start sucking his cock and fingering his asshole, he has a raging hardon in seconds. I get out a vibrator to use on him and continue sucking his big black shaft! Enrique takes the vibrator away from me and starts fucking himself with it as I blow him. He stands up to bust his nut (cause he loves when I make his knees buckle) and Enrique busts all over my face (as his knees buckle!) XXX. DawgHouse Video 7: The Hidden Cams 2
    Hidden camera Amateur Fetish Fratboys Anal. Our sexy frat guys are getting down and dirty in this hidden camera film! XXX. PhillyFratLive

    Poker In The Rear
    Hidden camera Amateur Fetish Voyeur Muscles Hidden Camera Military. Poker In The Rear spans the globe - sort of - by bringing you Hidden Camera Footage shot on Army bases, college locker rooms, Navy intramural clubs and a pro baseball training camp. If you're from St. Louis or Indiana, you'll see some very familiar naked male bodies being hosed down after they've been pushed to their limits. Poker is a veritable pastiche of penises. A cornucopia of cocks. Scores of scrotums and a bounty of buttocks XXX. Angry Young Man
    Relax The Muscle 5
    Hidden camera. Fetish Voyeur Military Str8 Bait White Collar. A whole new cast of straight marines are probed and prodded during a medical exam! XXX. Angry Young Man
    Straight Guys Caught On Tape 11
    Hidden camera. Starring Amateur Fetish Cumshot Masturbation Voyeur Hidden Camera Str8 Bait. Obsessed roommates, vengeful ex-girlfriends, peepin' toms capture straight men on hidden cameras! Sleeping, changing, in the shower, and even jacking off. Watch more unsuspecting men as they go about their lives unaware they are being filmed. Don't miss reality porn at it's finest. XXX. XP Video
    Spy Cocks 11
    Hidden camera Fetish Voyeur Anal Safe Sex. Next time you take a trick home check around for hidden cameras. Many thanks to friends and roommates for sending the footage! Watch unsuspecting dudes fuck and suck hot hard cocks in the privacy of their own homes. XXX. XP Video

    Spy On Dudes 2
    Hidden camera Amateur Cumshot Masturbation Voyeur Str8 Bait. Sent in by fans of watching hot guys strip, shower, and jack off. These unsuspecting dudes give us a secret view into their private habits when being alone and horny. Watch as roommates, ex-boyfriends, and peepin' toms capture straight frat boys, jocks, skaters, and all over hot dudes on hidden cameras XXX. SpyOnDudes
    Swiss Army Skin
    Hidden camera. Starring Amateur Euro Voyeur Muscles Softcore Military. This covert video was created by an U.S. Army NCO on an exchange program. We tucked a digital camcorder into his pocket before he headed to Lausanne with orders to shoot as many naked Swiss Army men in the showers as he could. Stripping naked in front of each other is no big deal for these hale and hardy Swiss soldiers. XXX. Angry Young Man
    Ten Sweaty Guys, One Tiny Room
    Hidden camera Fetish Voyeur. Taking a cue from the NIS surveillance cameras at the now decommisioned Naval Training Center in San Diego, this tape actually allows you to observe and eavesdrop on a select group of military men sweating it out in the 10-man sauna.In addition to hovering over the urinals and lingering near a few guys who stand naked at the sink to shave, the camera gets stowed underneath a sauna bench, capturing the conversations of guys who don't think twice about "dissing the bitches".Not a lot of movement during the hotroom segments - unless you count the continual sagging and drooping of every set of healthy, sweating genitalia. Still, the stories these guys come up with while kicking it in the hotbox are hilarious and oddly erotic.. XXX. Angry Young Man

    There He Sat: Broken-Hearted
    Hidden camera. Fetish Voyeur. You've been asking for it, but we never thought we'd catch it on our surveillance tapes. It's bad form for military guys to MASTURBATE on base, yet we've captured a couple of enlisted Marines BEATING THE MEAT like champions. THERE HE SAT... contains an hour of Spartan locker rooms, saunas & shower footage, plus the TOILET-CAM. With an EXTREME close-up lens, this little $2,000 Toshiba hi-res surveillance camera has been installed in the team-room head and aimed at the crotch of anyone parked there. Several sturdy Marines come in for a few minutes of morning meditation on the toilet. Then, one mesomorphic young wrestler with a FAT, WEAPON-LIKE TOOL and HEAVY TESTICLES cleans his pipes just before wrestling practice. After a couple of false starts, he actually JERKS OFF to a fistful of liquor-store porno magazines that he's smuggled in under his warm-up sweats. Several minutes later he dumps a THICK, WHITE WAD OF MARINE CORPS MANSPERM right on the floor. UNSAT! XXX. Angry Young Man
    Truckers, Bears, Daddies
    Hidden camera. Amateur Fetish Voyeur Bear DILF. Join us for the newest wave in hidden-cam fetish video as you step up to the pisser with a wide variety of middle aged to older aged men. That's right... No young and smooth ones here, just lots of average to handsome looking gentlemen sporting some seriously long & thick uncut cocks! If you are ready for a change and prefer an older more mature man then this new video will suit your fancy. Be sure to keep your eyes open because even more will be on the way. Spy-On-Guys is proud to offer videos of this kind, as we know there are many who prefer more masculine older men. This washroom is sure to please with mouth- watering cocks on both the left and right of you as you peek while taking a leak. XXX. SpyOnGuys

    Video Voyeur
    Hidden camera Fetish Voyeur Str8 Bait. We can't tell you how or where, but what we can say is that this may be some of the cleanest, well-lit hidden video you have ever seen! Shot over a period of a few weeks with a stat of the art digital camera, we were able to catch an endless parade of flawless young, straight, and enlisted guys stripping and showering. Buck naked, wet, and none too modest, these guys soap up their dicks and asses never realizing that they are being watched! Enjoy! XXX. All Worlds Video
    Void Where Prohibited
    Hidden camera Fetish Pissing Voyeur. More army base urinal video. Hundreds of American men draining their snakes in the exchange men's room. XXX. Angry Young Man
    What a Pisser
    Hidden camera Amateur Fetish Pissing Voyeur. This is an excellent spy-cam video apparently shot through a hidden-cam in a briefcase or carrying bag, as the up close and personal experience is outstanding! Watch as the camera is taken from urinal to urinal in this busy business convention bathroom setting. See cocks of all shapes and sizes on mostly middle age suited professionals. You will also find a mix of more relaxed non-professional types whipping their endowments out of their more casual jeans and attire. This video is truly a must have for those who appreciate the finest in pissing and urinal flaunting videos. High quality video and sound throughout! XXX. SpyOnGuys
    More Hidden camera...

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  • Spy Cocks
    Hidden camera. Get ready to see real tricks caught on camera! Next time you take a trick home, check around for hidden cameras! Many thanks to friends, roommates, and relatives for sending the footage! Enjoy! XP Video
    Straight Guys Caught On Tape 16
    Hidden camera. Obsessed roommates vengeful ex-girlfriends peepin' toms capture straight men on hidden cameras. Sleeping, changing in the shower even Jacking Off! Watch these men as they go about their lives unaware they are being filmed. XP Video
    Straight Guys Caught On Tape 17
    Hidden camera. Obsessed roommates, vengeful ex-girlfriends, peepin' toms capture straight men on hidden cameras. Sleeping, changing, in the shower even jacking off! Watch these men as they go about their lives unaware they are being filmed. Reality at its best! XP Video

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