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  • Albert Cannon V. Romano Rokky
    Gay Wrestling. Starring Romano Rokki Albert Cannon. Fetish Euro Muscles International Anal Uncut Gay Wrestling Safe Sex. The video starts with newcomer muscleman, Romano Rocky, teaching his gorgeous Russian student some wrestling moves. The student, Albert Cannon, is a very good wrestler. He is also strong. Romano is very happy with his student. As they end the wrestling practice, Albert challenges coach Romano to a sparring session. Romano refuses at first but Albert taunts him. Romano becomes angry and throws his stud student to the mat and shouts at him. He says "You wanna fight, then I will give you a fight!" Then he subjects his student in various throws and holds and simply dominating him. Romano forcefeeds his speedo to the sexy Russian adonis who is cursing his coach in Russian. After that, clothes are all off and it became a nude wrestling. Next comes the hot sex between these guys and since these two are real passionate lovers in real life, one can see the chemistry building. The forced tounge lip smacking action is as fabulous as the deep-throat blowjob and intense fucking that follows. Coach Romano does what evey good coach usually does in these situations - cum on his student face! The student was just happy to be a good student and good licker of the wonderful milk from his coach! XXX. WrestleHard
    Battle Of The Bottoms
    Gay Wrestling. Starring Shane Luke Kane, Amateur Fetish Cumshot Masturbation Military Str8 Bait, Big Jake referee's the mud wrestling match between Kane, Luke and Shane. All you Big Jake fans will be glad to see him and know he's still alive and well. But the real fun will come as you watch Kane, Shane and Luke battle it out in the deep mud and eventually pull each others clothes off revealing hot jockstraps beneath. Once the clothes are off we get to see these three heroes slip and slide and really kick each others asses as they pull, grab and throw each other around in jockstraps. Once the battle is over and the winner is determined Big Jake showers the boys off with the garden hose and we see those tight, hot bods glisten in the wetness of both the water and their sweat. What a hot way to begin what turns into hot sex later in the house. XXX. Active Duty
    Caz And Lightning
    Gay Wrestling. Starring Caz Lightning. Amateur Fetish Cumshot Masturbation Str8 Bait. Meet Caz and Lightning; two friends who want to show what they have to the world. They start off watching T.V. and goofing off until they are told to "show a little skin" by the director. Things start to get a little steamy from that point on. They wack their poles for a bit, then pull out a few toys to help them meet their goal. After practicing some wrestling moves, they finish wacking off until they cum all over their own stomachs! XXX. The Body Shoppe
    Chris Stone V. Rod Stevens
    Gay Wrestling. Starring Rod Stevens Chris Stone. Fetish Euro Muscles International Anal Gay Wrestling Safe Sex. These two giant body-builders were sweating bullets in this ferocious "cage-style" fight. All things unfair and dirty were allowed. Chris, who is anything but a gentleman, shows his dominant animal behavior to Rod. At the end he punishes the loser with his huge uncut cut. XXX. WrestleHard

    Hard Cock Hotel 4
    Gay Wrestling. Starring Fetish Muscles Outdoors Anal Gay Wrestling Safe Sex. The men from On Top surge back into your bedroom and your pants with this fourth entry in the hit series. There's plenty of grappling, groping and hot fucking to keep many a jerk-off junkie happy for some time to come. XXX. On Top Production
    Hung Wrestling Hunks
    Gay Wrestling. Starring Enrico Belagio Marc Dievo Antonio Ponte Chris Qick Rick Bauer Lucio Maverick Mickey Jack Wright Tomi Steve Hunt, Fetish Muscles Jocks Anal Gay Wrestling Safe Sex. The "Hung Wrestling Hunks" one of the best hardcore wrestling' flicks ever produced! Ripped studs go at each other on the mat--and then in each other. These hunks are all eager to grapple in an erotic wrestling match. The winner gets to be top. The loser services him. Which would you choose? In reality... there are no real losers! Maybe he forfeited the match on purpose? XXX. Elite Male
    Mangiatti Twins V. Rod Stevens
    Gay Wrestling. Starring Rod Stevens Fabrizio Mangiatti Fernando Mangiatti. Fetish Muscles Anal Uncut Gay Wrestling Threeway Safe Sex First time ever in WrestleHard - A very dirty and unfair 2-on-1 video !! Supercute Mangiatte twins start an underground style wrestling in the new abandoned and broken down basement ring. Referee and bodybuilder Rod Stevens is seen wearing a sexy bow-tie tries to keep the twins in control, but the action gets so heated and the sexy twins throws him out of the ring. Rod gets very angry, strips down to his jockstrap and jumps in the middle of the two huge twins to punish them. A very unfair game starts where the twins beats up and humiliates the poor referee. XXX. WrestleHard

    Max Summers V. Rick Bauer
    Gay Wrestling. Starring Rick Bauer Maxx Summer. Fetish Euro Muscles International Anal Gay Wrestling Safe Sex, Advantage Champion wrestler Rick Bauer faces new-boy MuscleGod Max Summers in a devastating start to WAF's 2nd Series. A sexy Pose-Off degenerates into a hot, oiled body worship, tearing singlets down to string jockstraps. Brawlerboy Bauer's lighting quick punches and no-mercy submission holds punish our stunning musclejock, as each battles to demolish the other's smooth, tanned, rock-hardbods. Hits come hard and fast, gut punching, pec bashing. Max throws raunchy Rick around like a rag doll. But Master-blaster Rick delivers vicious body scissors, nelsons and camel clutches, using his tight compact hardbody to 'MAXimum' advantage, to stretch Max mercilessly into submission. Unable to contain his wet dream ending, Rick delivers a crippling Sleeper KO. Rick seizes his golden prize, relentlessly pounding the gorgeous Adonis in an off-the-scale submission-fest. Horny Rick exploded in a monster cumshot, showering Max and leaving a right fine mess! XXX. WrestleHard
    No Holds Barred Nude Wrestling 9
    Gay Wrestling. Starring Maros Trojan Filip Carbol Ivan Vladik Damian Cert Peter Barlik Karel Ceman Milan Palencar. Amateur Fetish Cumshot New Release Euro Muscles International Gay Wrestling. Believe me, this is a helluva lot more than just No Holds Barred Nude Wrestling. It's also no-holds barred dick-jerking and blow-jobbing. Do these hot fucking Czech guys ever get tired? We hope not! XXX. William Higgins
    Gay Wrestling. Starring Reese Reynolds Kasey Kaden Saylor Brock Penn Domenic Chaz Cole Spencer, Feature Muscles Jocks Gay Wrestling Safe Sex. In this film, Kaden Saylor signs up for amateur wrestling contest titled "Slambash" and becomes embroiled in the sexual shenanigans surrounding it. XXX. Dirty Bird Pictures
    Secrets Of A Wrestler: Muscle Lust
    Gay Wrestling. Starring Roberto Giorgio Fred Goldsmith Rick Bauer Claudio Antonelli Jonathan Collins Danno Alecs Fabrice Felder Tony Magera Sergio Foster Justin Stewart Brian Wels Jack Laurel Gilbert Bosco Eddie Ryan. Fetish Euro Orgies Muscles Jocks Gay Wrestling Safe Sex Description: Csaba Borbely shoots a one-of-a-kind match. One-of-a-kind grope you won't ever want to forget! There's nothing like reaching between your opponents' legs, accidentally brushing up against his man flesh squeezed into his worn and torn jock strap. The stench smell of his crotch and arm pit shoved up against your face feeds more passion of desire when getting pinned against the sweaty floor mat. Several times during practice every day our bodies and muscles rub up against each others and then there is always a moment when your opponents' shorts get snagged upward enough revealing his large hairy ball sack underneath his shorts.Just aching to get grabbed. Try being in a circle of thirteen hotter then hell sweaty, muscular toned team members who are energized for just about anything and see how long you can hold out. XXX. Pacific Sun Entertainment

    Take Down
    Gay Wrestling. Starring Adam Archer Rick Bolton Adam Hart Joey Morgan Chris Farrell Jason Andrews Danny Sommers Bo Summers. Fetish Feature Muscles Jocks Fratboys Safe Sex. Take Down is a wrestling video with a whole lot more. Adam Hart is a frat jock boy who's reviled by his roommate's gay promiscuity, yet is coming to terms with his own sexual interest in men in and out of the locker room. After a woman dumps Adam, his roommate, Adam Archer, who blows him and introduces him to the world of gay sex, easily seduces him. XXX. Studio 2000
    Take It To The Mat 2
    Gay Wrestling. Starring Riley Burke John Stone Hunter Vance Larkin Brocke Hart Dane Hyde Kameron Scott Todd Welch, Fetish Muscles Anal Threeway Safe Sex. Got a beef? You know where to take it. Take it to the Mat again in this much anticipated sequel to the hugely succesful wrestling flick from On Top Productions XXX. On Top Production
    UGF Tucker Vs Dixon
    Gay Wrestling. Starring Josh Dean Dean Tucker Christian Wilde Caleb Dixon Jason Steele. Fetish Muscles Anal Gay Wrestling Safe Sex Two men enter, one man leaves fucked. The Ultimate Gay Fighter presents the greatest mix of fighting and fucking! The main event Tucker Vs. Dixon is sure to be an all out war but one will be left to claim his prize. Who's ass will be claimed? Who will be left standing? Watch this exciting fight and fuck, plus and extra fight and solo scenes from the men of UGF. XXX. Ultimate Gay Fighter

    Wrestling Plus 4
    Gay Wrestling. Starring Hynek Lukas Robert Novy Vladimir Roman Otto Robert Dusek. Fetish Euro International Anal Czech Safe Sex In the first match our two Roberts really give a good show and when Robert Novy submits he really submits! In the second match Roman and Otto work extra hard to give each other a good workout and they both get something extra in the end! Hynek and Vladimir are real friends. The action of the third wrestling match sets the pace for the real hard action in the fourth scene. XXX. William Higgins
    Wrestling 2
    Gay Wrestling. Starring Eric Stryker Steve York Tony Prince Brad Medford Tony LaVerga Chris Burns. Fetish Orgies Classic Muscles Jocks Anal Gay Wrestling Pre-Condom. The men in this film deliver honest to goodness wrestling. With a cast of hot and horny men, plenty of well shot footage and beautiful bodies in motion, both athletically and sexually. This film delivers sexual heat! XXX. Bijou Pictures
    More Gay Wrestling...

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  • Spy Cocks
    Hidden camera. Get ready to see real tricks caught on camera! Next time you take a trick home, check around for hidden cameras! Many thanks to friends, roommates, and relatives for sending the footage! Enjoy! XP Video
    Straight Guys Caught On Tape 16
    Hidden camera. Obsessed roommates vengeful ex-girlfriends peepin' toms capture straight men on hidden cameras. Sleeping, changing in the shower even Jacking Off! Watch these men as they go about their lives unaware they are being filmed. XP Video
    Straight Guys Caught On Tape 17
    Hidden camera. Obsessed roommates, vengeful ex-girlfriends, peepin' toms capture straight men on hidden cameras. Sleeping, changing, in the shower even jacking off! Watch these men as they go about their lives unaware they are being filmed. Reality at its best! XP Video

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