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  • Blue Collar Cock
    Blue collar men. You watch them when they are driving trucks, climbing power poles, painting a building or making repairs at your house. We want a blue-collar worker to give us what we want and need and this video storyline does just that! Plenty of real men in day-to-day operations for blowing and fucking action! Fetish Muscles Uniform Anal Safe Sex Blue Collar. XXX. Gay Men Video
    Blue Collar Cocks
    Blue collar men. When it comes to blue collar and rough trade workers, nothing is hotter than sex with another man in his working uniform! Smoking, dirty talk, hard cock, a laborious day on the job, a cold beer, and another man who is wanting it and willing to do it! Amateur Fetish Uniform Safe Sex Blue Collar. XXX. Cop Flix
    Border Patrol
    Blue collar men. Starring John Meridek Andreas Harris Istvan S. Zoltan C. Fred Fele Attila K. Akos G. Miklos O. Elemer R. Zoltan S. Karoly Hranek Laszlo Virag Peter T. 15 hot patrolmen are too busy fucking and sucking each other... These Euro sluts are eager to drop loads and loads of the good stuff. Euro Muscles Outdoors Cops Anal Safe Sex Blue Collar. XXX. High Octane

    Construction Crew
    Blue collar men. Starring Rock Trick Gene Bobo Bull Dozzy. Six college students work as a crew (actually with pickaxes and shovels) on freeway construction. Their dark-haired, muscular foreman lusts for the thin blond. The students shower outdoors after work and leave the blond alone. The foreman fucks the pale student in the shower. They later become lovers, and their affectionate and avid lovemaking is the best in the movie. The student crew rent a room where they sleep naked side by side on two beds pushed together. Feature Classic Pre-Condom Blue Collar. XXX. Bijou Pictures
    Czech Firemen
    Blue collar men. Starring Jan Dvorak Pavel Nadvomik Tomas Vitasek Lubos Vitek Ruddy Rohn Vilem Cage Lukas Arthur Milan Loksan Pavel Mikulik. Watch as these firemen take their uniforms off & get down and nasty with each other as they fuck each other, have threeways, & suck cock til their partners cum in gallons! Fetish Euro Muscles Uniform International Czech Safe Sex Blue Collar. XXX. U.S. Male Sport
    Czech Your Oil
    Blue collar men. Starring Michal Gola Pavel Ondek Ivan Plop Milan Lukes Jiri Panocha Jiri Brozovsky Roman Senko Robert Driveman. Fetish Euro Uniform International Anal Czech Safe Sex Blue Collar. In Czech Your Oil, the mechanics & salesmen at a Czech service station have sex with each other & their customers, leaving the cars to fix themselves! XXX. Video 10

    Euro Tools
    Blue collar men. Starring Ivan Andreas Attila Ritchie Kristian Victor Laszlo Renato Richard Robert Peter. Euro Muscles Anal Uncut Safe Sex Blue Collar. Director Herve Handsome brings us yet another hardcore folly involving buff and beautiful Euroboys, this time between presumed laborers who fill more asses than contracts. XXX. High Octane
    Firefighter Daddies
    Blue collar men. Starring Clay. Fetish Mature Uniform Bareback Anal Str8 Bait DILF Blue Collar. Two beefy, hairy chest muscled daddy fireman decide to spend time together at a local hotel where they can make love and engage in hot man to man sex without their wives finding out! XXX. Gay Men Video
    Firefighters Pole
    Blue collar men. Fetish Uniform Anal Safe Sex . These firemen at the local fire station deal with each fire in a different way. Only fire here is a hot and horny fireman who cannot control their urge for each other. Plenty of uniformed fireman fucking and sucking in various parts of the station house even in the kitchen where a hot muscle fireman gets fucked at the frig by his sergeant. XXX. Cop Flix

    Fireman Finds Leather Sex
    Blue collar men. Fetish Blowjob Cumshot Leather Muscles Uniform Threeway. A couple of muscled leather bikers work on each other as they expect a visitor from a fire fighter who has been asking too many questions lately about gay sex. They invite him over for some hot fucking and sucking action with the muscled fireman. Plenty of cock sucking with big thick hard dicks in hot hungry mouths and a dildo fuck session that brings on hot thick cum of manhood atop these hair chested studs. XXX. Cop Flix
    Gay Construction Site
    Blue collar men. Starring Andrea Zero Bartolomeo Zippo Davide De Simone Nao Rochi Narsco Capri Ottavio Re' Denis Pisa Valerio Loren Marco Zonda Fabio Gherrero. Fetish Euro Uniform International Anal Safe Sex. Work in a constructions site can be very hard and sweaty work. The good thing is that there is always a supply of young built guys looking for fun. It's hard to resist the temptation to touch as they work right beside you. XXX. Phallus
    Guys Go Crazy 31: Construction Site Cocksuckers
    Blue collar men. Robert Driveman Denis Reed Zack Hood Luiz Benesz Robby Singleton. Euro Orgies Muscles International Twink Anal Safe Sex Blue Collar There is a time for work, but also a time for play. These construction workers have found out a way to combine the two into what quickly develops into a full-blown orgy on the construction site. Who knows what has come over them - maybe someone slipped some Cialis in their beers at lunch. It's clear that these guys are horny as fuck and ready to satisfy each other's throbbing dicks before getting back to work. They exercise every ounce of their masculine prowess in plowing ass and sucking the cocks of their buddies. No wimpy pussies here on this construction site - just pure testosterone leaking out of every pore of these ripped studs and muscular twinks. XXX. Eromaxx

    Handy Men
    Blue collar men. Starring Jackson Lawless Evan Matthews Colin Steele Matthieu Paris Mason Garet Geoffrey Paine Danny Parker. Fetish Muscles Extreme Penetration. These "Handy Men" are ready to get down and dirty from fisting to being fucked by machines they do it all! XXX. Club Inferno
    Hard Hat Hardons
    Blue collar men. Amateur Fetish Muscles Uniform Anal Safe Sex. Construction workers found themselves hot and horny after nailing and drilling. All four of these studs decide it's time to drill hungry mouths with hard dicks and nail a cock into an ass. Hot sex and a security guard with 19-inch biceps join in for a sex filled five some on the condo construction site! XXX. Cop Flix
    Hard Hat Pigs 2
    Blue collar men. Starring Blaze Thomason Jessie Balboa Boyhous Hank Rivers Jordon Dominico Zack Blunt Jr. files Freakzilla Diego. Black Fetish Interracial Orgies Pissing Muscles Bareback Hardcore Extreme Penetration Pigs. Seven hard hatted pigs fuck, suck, piss, fist and wreck each other's holes with huge toys on the job site. The homeowner adds his fat 10-inch uncut cock and hungry hole to the fray and is rewarded with 5 cum loads. The all-muscle, all-hung cast of verbal pigs created this fantasy spontaneouely. The action is real, unrehearsed, nonstop, fuckin' hot and over-the-top piggy, as you would expect only from Dick Wadd. XXX. Dick Wadd
    Junior's Nude Cleaning Service
    Blue collar men. Starring Anthony Holloway Ray Harley Mateo Rivera Andrew Crew Park Wiley Lee Walters Mario Ortiz Adriano Maxime Cannon. Big Dick Feature Mature Muscles Safe Sex DILF. Catalina Video is ready to clean up the competition with the second release from the Generation Gap Series. First introduced with the feature Daddy's Teenage Turn-On, Generation Gap was conceived to combine the skilled sexual energy of Daddies and Bears with the exuberant and youthful raw energy from well hung pups. The results are astonishing, as young and old collide in a cascade of sexual release. This is all-male action's finest hour. XXX. Catalina Video
    Blue collar men. Starring Alessio Romero Girth Brooks Ari Silvio Clay Towers Dean Tucker Colby Keller Matthew Ford Christian Wilde Andre Barclay Conner Habib. Feature Bear Safe Sex. Whaddya do when your job's on the line? Anything ... everything. 2 days notice and only 2 weeks severance pay ... what the fuck? Cutbacks, downsizing, mismanagement, overall ineptitude for whatever reason, pink slips are flying all around. Morale is low; tension is high; and anxiety pervades the air as everyone wonders what's gonna happen next. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Fuck your co-workers what are they going to do, Fire you?! XXX. Mustang Studios
    Men At Work
    Blue collar men. Starring Robert Horne Sean Rider Jim Hardy Jeff Dillon Tony Funz Chaz Carlton Chris Yeager Rick Anthony David Thompson Tony Garcia Chris Anthony. Anal Safe Sex. A Pizza guy, a parcel delivery driver, a telephone repair man, a plumber, and a mechanic earn extra large tips in Men at Work. XXX. Malibu Sales
    The Workers
    Blue collar men. Starring Scott Templeton George Tepes Cris Stefanescu Craig Smith Gino Santoni Dane Brooklyn Jon Scotts Amand Larosse Mike Stevenson. Fetish Cumshot Masturbation Muscles Uniform Military. Hard working men enjoying themselves probably more than they should whilst at work! They always put their hard hats on...and hard-ons! XXX. US Male Corps
    Working Stiffs
    Blue collar men. Starring Dirk Hunter Marc Mann Harley Behr John Bareman Roger Stewart Buddy Masturs Lew Daniels Aaron Stone Bob Ellis. Fetish Blowjob Cumshot Classic Muscles Uniform Bear. There's something sexy about men at work. Whether it's a sweaty construction worker, like big-dicked, bearded BUDDY MASTURS, or hard, horny foreman MARC MANN, men have only one thing in mind: Getting Off! XXX. Altomar
    More blue collar men...

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